Granite City

My Granite City and some of Sugar Mountain

Barre, Vermont calls itself the “Granite Center of the World” however there are several other cities that lay claim to the same or very similar mottos.

A bit of Perspective

In the background of the Granite Capital you can see Sugar Mountain rising up along the geological divide. From our land the water drains east to the Connecticut River while from Barre the water drains west to Lake Champlain. We are right on the cusp, the edge of the geological upheaval.

Arial Shot like Google Maps of my Granite City

This is not Barre, Vermont.

This is not the Granite Center of the World.

This is a mock Granite City. That is to say a toy city made of granite blocks. Big boys get stone toys. We used our diamond ring to cut more toy blocks. These normally sit on the dining room table in our cottage for playing with around meal times. We make a lot of things out of stone. Just can’t seem to get away from the stuff.

Newly Arrived Granite Delivery

We get granite delivered here to our mountain by the 20 to 40 ton truck load. Isn’t that a bit like carrying coal to Newcastle or selling ice to Eskimos? Rather…

Gravel as Drainable Fill around Culvert

This granite is waste from the local quarries and stone carving sheds. When they cut the stone to make curbing, facing, statues and memorials they have waste material that they need to get rid of. If we’ll pay the trucking they give it away for free.

Granite Bridge

We then pick through the piles to get the good stuff for making door sills, lintels, steps, tables, walls and other solid works on our farm. Granite walls and bridges are most excellent.

Outdoors: 79°F/60°F 3/4″ Rain, Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/63°F

Daily Spark: Leave no tern unstoned. -Anonny

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2 Responses to Granite City

  1. Edwardo says:

    Love it. Looks like somewhere out west. Colorado or something.

  2. Lynn Hayes says:

    I think that is a wonderful way to use your imagination and use leftover granite to make something new. Thank you for helping keep America beautiful.

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