Piglet Hut

Piglets in Hut

I had mentioned piglet huts the other day. These provide a bit of shade and protection for the wee ones when they want it. Generally we leave the end of the hut open and placed on slightly sloping ground for drainage. This way piglets can go in and out as they like. A home away from womb they so recently abandoned.

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2 Responses to Piglet Hut

  1. Lisa from Canada says:

    Those huts are a really neat idea, Walter! I have been following your blog daily and have implemented many of your pig-rearing tips on our small homestead. My lovely young Berkshire gilt had 7 healthy piglets on July 4th, out under the stars of the communal pig pasture, with her two gilt buddies to help her with the new brood. it’s marvelous watching the little piglets run around after their mom and discover cool stuff like sticks and mud.
    Thank you for this blog and all of your wisdom; it’s a huge help to a newbie farmer like myself!


  2. Nicola Cunha says:

    Love the design!


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