Water Manifold

Water Manifold

Don’t buy the cheap plastic water manifolds. I’ve had two recently that I had to replace because they were cracked right out of the store. Nearly invisible seam cracks along the mold lines. This nice brass one is only twice as expensive – make that half as expensive since it works and the plastic ones didn’t.

This manifold leads to hoses that go to the various points of our recent concrete pour when we poured the FCB, plumbing trench, sidewalk and such. It is important to keep the fresh concrete misted wet as it cures. This is Hope’s task. A great job for a nine year old, squirting water all over the place on summer days.

Another interesting thing about this photo is it shows several different quality hoses in operation. Notice that the el-cheapo thin walled hose is kinked over the worse. That hose feels very light weight and that kind wears out faster. Turns out there really is a difference between the low priced and higher priced hoses.

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6 Responses to Water Manifold

  1. Pam R. says:

    After breaking several of the cheap 2 outlet manifolds, we tried one like above. The plastic levers broke on it after a summer’s use. So DH built one out of copper pipe and ball valves. It also has 4 outlets. So far, so good….

  2. Have & Have Not Farm says:

    Had this so called brass manifold shear right off at the female port. Ya just can’t get quality anymore. Dubious metal if you ask me. Make sure you turn off fixture when you are not using it otherwise it may get really expensive!

  3. Melissa says:

    We have the same manifold to run four hoses– love better than any other models we’ve tried ( I mean tested !) over the years. The washers are an issue and it sprays if the fit isn’t just so. With horses, hoses get punctures often. Need to fix a hose today with a major leak. Good opportunity to teach my oldest how to patch a hose. :)

  4. Johan van der Merwe says:

    Why don’t you turn the manifold upside down so that you only support the inlet house? Then the other 4 will hang verticall down.

    • Good idea. The reason it is as it is was that the source hose came in from low and three of the four the output hoses went upward. Most of the time they were actually close to tensioned up and I wanted to avoid someone pulling on them and causing the hoses to kink. Probably more supports would be good.

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