When We Were Four…

Four Killdeer Eggs

The other day I posted about the two killdeer eggs I spotted in a nest on the south field plateau. When I checked again the count was up to four. A few more days have passed and we’re still at four so I’m guessing that will be it. I check the nest time to time to see if there are any hatchings.

This nest is right in the middle of the plateau pumpkin garden which is a winter paddock for the pigs during the cold months.

The killdeer are sharp winged bug eaters which are greatly appreciated on a farm with a marsh down in the valley below us.

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1 Response to When We Were Four…

  1. Melissa says:

    Lovely eggs. I love eggs.

    I love your level of respect for the natural world and you see the value of their contribution to our well being. In a few short days only broken shells will be left, or an empty nest, clear evidence of new hatchlings nearby and flourishing in the undercover of the pumpkin patch.

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