CrowdIt Caviar at Owl Springs Farm

Sarah Tabor in Florida is working on setting up a farm for raising sustainable, humanely raised sturgeon for caviar. I’ve long had an interest in aquatics so this will be especially fascinating to watch. She has setup a crowd sourcing project on CrowdIt. She blogged about it recently. Check it out and maybe you’ll want to get some caviar or sturgeon to go.

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2 Responses to CrowdIt Caviar at Owl Springs Farm

  1. Martha Adams says:

    Coolo! On a completely and totally utterly unrelated note is there a problem with your blog software? have posted comments twice recently on the gmo and killdeer posts and they dont seem to have appeared.

    • Recently there was a large increase in the amount of spam I’ve been getting in blog comments. I’ve seen a lot more getting past the spam filters as well as a much greater amount caught by the spam filters. There are many thousand a day – the spammers are quite active in their attempts to spread their messages. It is possible your earlier comments got mistaken for spam. Sorry about that. Never hesitate to try again or email me.

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