Upper Pond Fountain

Upper Pond in Rain with Fountain (Click picture for larger version)

The fountain, or the rain, is a bit redundant today. We have both. This is the upper pond which we put in eight years ago when we built our tiny cottage. Last year we put in a new pipe from the high spring at the sap house.

THe new pipe is one continuous 2″ pipe rather than the sections so we get less leaking and much better pressure. So much pressure in fact that the 1/2″ jet at the end is capable of sending the fountain about 60′ up in the air when turned on full blast and pointed straight up. That’s nearly as high as the tall maple trees south of the pond.

The end of the 2″ black plastic pipe has a full port ball valve and then an elbow, terminating with a 1/2″ brass PEX fitting screwed into the elbow on a reducer. This gives full power right up to the end of the jet or pressure reduction. (Thoughts of hydropower dance in his head.) The elbow lets us angle the jet straight up, down, or across the pond.

The fountain creates a tempered micro-climate, requires no pump, draws no electrical power and it aerates the pond for the fish. They appreciate that on the hot days of July and August. When the jet is pointed across the pond it creates a zone the fish congregate in, like a rapids, and swirls the pond. Great fun for us when swimming too.

What else can you see? Click on picture to see the big version…

Fire ring for our cookouts by the pond.

Harp from an upright piano.

South Field field with pumpkins, sunflowers, beets, turnips and grazing pigs.

Eight weaning paddocks setup for miniature managed intensive rotational grazing system.

Stone overflow dam for upper pond.

Maple trees.

Cherry tree.

Asparagus patch.

Brick spring’s 1″ pipe.

Berry patch hillside.

Fountain from 2″ sap house spring pipe.

Stone wall around beach inlet.

Beach where eggs, tadpoles, frogs, tigers and Hope congregate.

Water raft Will made for Hope from pool noodles.

Stone benches around picnic area and bonfire.

Outdoors: 72°F/43°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Caution: Bacon is a side effect of farming.

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