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Peanut Butter Poses for Her Picture

The sow above is named Peanut Butter or PB for short. She’s from the Blackie line of sows and very sweet. She has a litter of piglets in the lower south field. Here she is under the shade of aspen trees which create a wonderful habitat for pigs and chickens. Enough light gets through that the grasses, clovers and other forages thrive yet they are protected from the hot mid-day sun.

On a note that many of us share a concern:

Whole Foods Market … announcing in March that by 2018, all products in its U.S. and Canadian stores must be marked to indicate if they contain genetically modified organisms.
Burlington Freepress, Vermont

Vermont is pushing legislation for GMO labeling to help consumers to know what they are consuming. Connecticut too. Many other states are moving this way. What we really need is the big retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, Shaws, P&C, etc to require GMO labeling. rBGH/rBST in milk was eliminated this way. The market can make this work. Let the stores you buy from know what you want to see on labeling and that it will help to make you a customer. Businesses need your feedback to choose their path. The producers of GMO crops should not fear the limelight, they should demand it. People in other countries already have the right to know. So should we.

It was established that a dosage of 100 mg lead to a reduction in the ability to perceive smells. The dose of 50 mg didn’t affect the olfactory function of the male volunteers.

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6 Responses to GMO Declaring – Talk to Vendors

  1. brenda says:

    hello, we thought we bred two gilts, they should have had there litter june 9th
    the boar left march 16th is there a possibility he bred them later.
    I did see the breeding the first time.
    for the tow gilts.
    they have a large bag and there vulvas seem swollen. but no piglets.
    how can I do a preg test.

    • Sounds like they are pregnant. Now it is a matter of patience and providing them with a good farrowing setup. The warm months like now (June) are the easy months, the golden months. Shade and avoiding pooling water, so a bit of slope for drainage, are key.

  2. Beth Tysdal says:

    Agreed…thanks, Walter! Food should have to be labeled when they’re altered or have chemicals applied, NOT visa-versa. The burden shouldn’t be placed on those growing/raising foods naturally/organically.

  3. Dan Morse says:

    So many of us are dying of strange illnesses now. I feel it is directly related to GMO’s as they have destroyed out food supply. I can not eat much corn or wheat anymore. Most meat is as indigestible to me.

    I am very ill. GMO’s have killed me before I am dead.

    • Have you tried Kombucha? It is a fermented tea that is loaded with living enzymes and probiotics. It is not a substitute for good food, but drinking one a day has really helped me with some digestive issues.

  4. Melissa says:

    Love the aspen– we only have 2 in the front yard, a pair too close together to cut one ; somehow one with out the other would be a loss. The leaves shake in the wind and add their music.

    WHen I went off to college so many years ago, from a non-farming family, I accepted the methods taught at the state univeristies as gospel. Now in recent years, I am seeing the short comings of the monoculture systems and the results personally of the typical American diet. I have changed our foods considerably with more progress to make.

    GMO’s worry me. Mostly because I don’t know a lot about the effect of them. Time to learn!

    Generally I am looking for older varieties of vegetables anyway as I have a new interest in a chemical often called Vitamin B17 and the modern cultures, thru selection, have removed the bitterness that goes along with the B17. I have a friend contacting a friend in Germany as research there and the acceptance of B17 is the opposite apparently of what the gov and medical associations have dictated here. In an effort to eat more green leafy vegetables, vegetable in general really, and quality fruits ( not just a substitute for sugar) there is little room for corn and wheat in my families diet. well, that is an overstatement, we are still looking for substitutes for a loaf of wheat bread for sandwhiches. A PBJ on home meade whole grain just isn’t the same; so our goal this summer is to just not eat any PBJ at all.

    Changing our traditions foods is a challenge; without lableing it is not possible. We read the lables on everything– my kids have a basic understanding of the lables and continue to learn with my guidence. Fortunately I did take a Foods class at Univerisity and can understand all the unpronouceable words in the ingredient list. OVerall it is pusing me to teach my kids to eat simple whole foods and to cook so they know the ingredients.

    Sorry for the long winded contribution—we can change our diets if we know what is in it because of good lableing.

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