Tamworth Sow’s Whey Bath

Tamworth Sow’s Whey Bath

The Tamworth sow in the video above is taking a bath in the north whey trough. In the beginning of the video the sow is dipping down to the bottom of the tank to get the heavy yogurt, then she clears her ears and switches to eating the butter floating on the surface.

Behind her two gilts, young female pigs, are skimming the butter off the top. We had just cleaned out the whey delivery truck so there is some butter floating on the surface of the whey and extra yogurt in the bottom.

Off to the left you can see the pigs’s water trough that is fed by a spring higher up on Sugar Mountain. The water runs from trough to trough through our fields for the livestock.

Back and to the right the path leads out to the north home field and then the north field where 42 sows are farrowing on pasture right now, accompanied by our Berkshire boar Spitz.

Outdoors: 68°F/46°F 1.5″ Rain gently over whole day
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/65°F

Daily Spark: If you don’t tilt at windmills you’ll never catch one.

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  1. Dan G. Arous says:

    What great fun. Your pig’s ears are so big they look almost like elephants. I love how your pigs are outdoors instead of being in doors in pens and all that. Great farm!

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