Balancing Rocks

Walter Balancing Rocks

Rocks have more fun in a group. They’re social. As you can see in the photo above, they enjoy gymnastics like this balancing act they’re putting on under my supervision. Good coaching is important.

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Daily Spark: Never strive to only do the impossible.

Yes, those rocks really are balancing and stable. No Photoshopping, no glue, no fakery.

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3 Responses to Balancing Rocks

  1. Gregory says:

    Hey Walter, my wife and I are farmers in Vermont and enjoy your ideas concerning pasture/whey fed pigs! We currently work for somewhat of a conventional dairy/cheese operation and I’m curious to know if the transmission of trace antibiotics in whey concerns you at all. That’s assuming your relying on a mid-large scale dairy that uses both sub therapeutic and therapeutic antibiotics?
    Thanks for all your good work and hope to hear from you, gregory

  2. A. Researcher says:

    Speaking as one who does a lot of research in the field of antibiotics you really don’t need to be worrying about this. The ‘trace amounts’ break down. The bigger concern is bacteria that are developing resistance from the feeding of antibiotic laced feeds that are at a high enough level to create an evolutionary pressure. The ‘trace amounts’ won’t even do that.

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