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Troll Bridge

This is the troll bridge leading from the infamous Truck Ramp behind our butcher shop into the future lairage space. I’ve never actually seen the troll but sometimes I hear it’s growls from below.

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Water Manifold

Water Manifold Don’t buy the cheap plastic water manifolds. I’ve had two recently that I had to replace because they were cracked right out of the store. Nearly invisible seam cracks along the mold lines. This nice brass one is … Continue reading

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Mud Pile

North Herd Sows Enjoying Mud There are about sixty sows in the north herd nearing the end of their gestation or having just farrowed. These are in with Spitz, our Berkshire boar. In the photo above their enjoying the mud … Continue reading

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Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird Any idea what this bird might be? I suspect it may be a young bird. I saw it on the south field plateau where the pumpkins are growing. It didn’t fly away but I couldn’t get close enough … Continue reading

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