Iron Ski Found

Iron Ski Found

Where’s the skier? Perhaps a primitive snowmobiler? Hmm… What do you think this is? Leave ideas in the comments…

Will found this object out in the north field where the northern herd of sows are farrowing up great gobs of piglets. The pigs probably found it first and left it on the surface where we could find it.

The ‘ski’ pictured above is about 30 cm long. That’s a foot for those in countries that use the old English system of measures. My boot size is precisely 1′ long, my thumb joint is an inch, my thumbing my nose is a yard so I guess that makes me king, at least of the mountain. As Hope noted when we were planting, that’s two of her feet – she’s a princess planting peas and pumpkins.

We run across things like this time to time out in our fields and woods. An old boot. A bulldozer tread. A knife. A rod. Broken pottery. An ancient brick. Check out other Found Item Posts and Mystery Questions after you’ve left your idea for this one in comments.

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Daily Spark: Why would someone want to learn something useless like history when they can just repeat it themselves?

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12 Responses to Iron Ski Found

  1. Bill Harshaw says:

    Looks like something off a sickle bar on a mowing machine, though I don’t think it is, at least not a 1940’s/50’s mower. If I remember correctly, there was something similar at either end of the bar, keeping the bar at least three inches off the ground. That explains the shape of the bottom piece, but it’s the other piece which doesn’t seem right.

  2. Walt says:

    Looks like the “shoe” that holds the outer end of a sickle bar mower off the ground.

  3. CarolG. says:

    Given the size I am probably wrong but it looks like part of a manual brake – as in for wheelchairs, but much larger.

  4. JohnL says:

    Looks like the skid off a fingerbar mower although they usually had a few holes for adjustment.

  5. Diane says:

    My first thought before I saw the size was something from a sewing or knitting machine of some sort. It’s probably because of that hook on the end.

  6. Sal says:

    I am with the folks above- it’s off of some sort of sickle bar mower to hold the mower up off the ground but it seems as though there ought to be a way to raise or lower the height somehow- cannot remember and it’s too dark to go out and poke around in the tall grass to look at mine.

  7. Jim says:

    It is the bracket for the outer shoe on a John Deere Model 8 or 9 mower.

  8. Looks like the sled my haybine runs on.

  9. No idea. But would make a cool piece of “steampunk” jewelry. Just one more enterprise you Jeffries could venture into. In your spare time of course

  10. Nance says:

    just for the sake of debate, I’ll say a runner off of a child’s sled. I enjoy digging up lost items and surmising about them.

  11. Servius says:

    Clearly this is a pincer from the early race of robotic creatures that moved through that valley in the 19th century eating the human inhabitants.

  12. Zephyr Hill says:

    A runner for some vehicle to be pulled over the snow.

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