Bonfire Hot Dogs Spring 2013

Hope Heating Hot Dogs

With the advent of warm weather we’re cooking outdoors on the bonfire again. Years ago when we were clearing fields we would have regular bonfires all over the place. Rather than doing one big bonfire to burn up ‘junk’ wood we did them as many small cook fires to enjoy over a period of years.

Since we built the upper pond seven years ago we have tended to have the bonfires there. We made a fire ring of stones, there are rock tables and seats. Most of all this picnic area is located close to the cottage and to swimming. As an added bonus we get to watch the fish jump and the bats swoop in the evening.

We just delivered the latest batch of hot dogs to stores and restaurants throughout much of Vermont. We have some restaurants that order our all natural nitrate/nitrite free smoked hot dogs right through the winter but most people want them for summer cookouts. We’re coming into the warm season now and enjoying every minute.

If you look in the middle of the fire you’ll notice a cast iron pot. There’s a potato, sausage and marinara stew in there. Normally we cook on the coals, not flames. I had stirred the wood up for the photo – quite effective. The pot is sitting on the large flat cook rock in the middle of the fire. This rock tempers the heat and provides a good place for cooking.

Outdoors: 67°F/52°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/66°F

Daily Spark: The “What ever makes you’re dinner bell ring” diet.

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5 Responses to Bonfire Hot Dogs Spring 2013

  1. peter findlay says:

    What is it that I see under Hope’s left arm? Does she Ever go anywhere without her ‘tiggers’?
    I’m going to send her a photo of me this weekend with mine — I’ve had them for 75 years and they remain totally special friends.


  2. Dave Emerson says:

    At first I thought that green thingy was a tractor up there in the background but it looks much wider and the wheels look much bigger than normal. What is it?

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh to live on sugar mountain!

  4. fannykim says:

    you gave the best childhood memories to your children. they didn’t stuck with the crazy technology these day. its cool if i could live in the farm like you guys…

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