Canned Spam Update

Shelf Fungi Trio Far South Field Fence Line

I just updated the list of IP addresses that I have gotten spam from recently. If you like to play with .htaccess then check out the Blocking Spammers post where I keep that list available.

Outdoors: 74°F/41°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/64°F

Kid says “I just synced my iPad.”
Teacher corrects “No, Jessie, the past tense is ‘sunk’ not ‘sinked’.”

4 thoughts on “Canned Spam Update

  1. Thanks for the update walter. I use your codes. By the by do you really still have snow? I see it is still your picture at top.

    • All the surface visible snow is gone but we still find some under hay bales and under the wood chips both of which were delivered late in winter on an area that had been plowed and thus the ground froze deeply. The wood chips and hay bales act as excellent insulators.

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