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Chicks Arriving

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Hope Liberating Chicks We keep a lot of chickens for their organic pest control function. They keep our farm healthy and pleasant without needing to use insecticides or pesticides. These are approximately 300 that arrived in late May.

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Iron Ski Found

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Iron Ski Found Where’s the skier? Perhaps a primitive snowmobiler? Hmm… What do you think this is? Leave ideas in the comments…

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End of May Snow

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Late May Snow Oops! That wasn’t supposed to stick. Yesterday I had mentioned that it was snowing while we were planting.

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Vermont Planting Weather

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Neolithic Pig Rib Planting Poker Today was an all seasons kind of day. Apple petals blowing in the wind. Real snow as well. High winds driving the light rain. Intermittent hail. No sunshine though. Fortunately the soil has warm so … Continue reading

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