Frankie Lives! Again!

The Computer that Just Won’t Die

This is Frankie, the computer that just won’t die. Or rather this is Frankie’s power supply, the deepest circuit board in the tightly packed guts of our aged Macintosh PowerBook G4 after I removed all the layers above.

The computer stopped using power from the AC but would still run off the battery although it would not charge said battery. After a bit of reading and diagnostics I determined the problem was probably the power supply. Digging deeply into the guts of my junk computer box I found a matching one and figured out how to get it out without breaking it.

Then it was Frankie’s turn. An hour later Frankie powered up with a new lease on life and ready to work. What a sport!

We’re up to life #6 so Frankie is starting to look distinctly a feline.

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Fictional Short: Peter Parker worked as a car valet in NYC. He kept getting things like door handles, keys, toilet paper stuck to his hands and feet. He was a clutz, stumbling and bullied. As a practical joke the doorman stole Peter’s glasses. Nearsighted and behind on the rent he dented one too many fenders and lost his job. He resorted to living on unemployment in his widowed aunt’s basement where he got bit by a radioactive spider while reading comic books. The spider died. Peter got the infection treated at the emergency room but it wasn’t covered by health care yet. The medical bills used up his savings so he couldn’t afford the subway fare to a job interview. Another bad day in the life of a common man who never quite made it in an alternate superhero universe.

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2 Responses to Frankie Lives! Again!

  1. Bob says:

    Good trouble shooting.

  2. Jarad says:

    Good job keeping frankenstien alive. Love your short story alternative at the end. Poor spider man who never was! Have you seen those books of alternative mother goose? This reminds me of those. How the big bad wolf turns out to be missunderstood, how little bopeep was a dasterdly rustler. That sort of thing. :>

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