Over 5 Million Served

Over 5,000,000 Served

I was visiting my SiteMeter counter to check something else and noticed that my blog has served up over five million pages. Amazing!

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Daily Spark: Did you hear about the International Association of Matchmakers? They are a strike anywhere union.

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3 Responses to Over 5 Million Served

  1. Debbie Wagner says:


  2. Ken says:

    Man, I just hope that I can get that kind of traffic. I would love to pick your brain about just how you have done it!

  3. Erin says:

    I am not at all surprised Watler. You have a wonderful blog and a great writing style. Humor, personal and filled with information that my family has been able to use. I hope you come out with a book. I would love very much to have all of your experience put together with an index! It is encyclopedic.

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