A Swiftly Sloping Land

How I See Our Land

We live in a swiftly sloping land, clinging to the side of a mountain. This means plenty of exercise as we walk up and down the hills many times each day. We don’t notice the slope and come to think of it as reasonably flat land. Admittedly, not safe to till with a tractor, but flat enough for us.

When I take pictures I have a tendency to hold the camera at an angle to compensate for the slope of the land. Notice the tall arrow pine tree in the distance. In the real world that pine tree is perfectly vertical and about 100′ tall. That’s the plumb line for this photo as shown below…

How Our Land Really Lies

Correcting for my visual tilt and we see how the real world lies. To me the south field plateau, shown in this photo, is very flat. But water runs off it quite well which demonstrates that the plateau is indeed well and sloped. You might notice that the pig in the middle of the picture sees the world much like I do, slightly cockeyed.

A visitor once commented that my photos don’t show just how steep our land is. Seeing it in person made him realize that I’m a bit skewed in my picture taking. Looking back at old photos I see this is true. I’m a little off, a bit of hillbilly level. This is why I use a spirit level and a plum bob when doing construction. Otherwise all our structures would like the crooked man built them.

Outdoors: 46°F/27°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: The Big Bank Theory of Creation
In the beginning there was nothing. We took out a very large loan with the Big Bank and then there was more Big Bank for they held the loan, the interest and the collateral. The Big Bank made many loans and grew ever bigger in this way. Then it failed. But because the Big Bank was too big to fail the Big Government bailed out the Big Bank with the little tax payer’s money. This caused the Big Bank to balloon up since it now was filled with all that extra money. The Big Bank pretended to loan some money but mostly it gave out billion dollar bonuses to its top executives. The Big Bank executives justified their bonuses because they had worked very hard during banker’s hours, except on federal holidays, Friday afternoons, personal days and four week holidays, to earn their huge salaries and thus deserved a bonus of $30,000,000,000. That is thirty billion dollars which is 666,666 times the average annual household income or 20 million times minimum wage. But those bankers took a lot of risk with other people’s money so they earned those big bucks bonuses on top of their generous seven, eight or nine figure salaries. Note that it is just a coincidence, according to the Big Bankers, that number is 666. The Big Bankers said that giving them a bonus was good because it would stimulate the economy since they would buy yachts, fancy cars, diamonds, big homes and eat out a lot which would make the money trickle down to the little people who could then put their little money into the Big Banks vaults for safe keeping at very low to no rate of interest so the Big Fat Bankers could then loan that money out at much higher rates of interest and earn more money for their shareholders which was their legal obligation. After a while the furor died down so the Big Bank sued the Big Government to get more money. Because they could. They had learned well. No, this is not an April Fool’s Joke.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Great post. Absolutely love the spark! Ever so well said.

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