CISPA – WARNING! – Internet Freedom Threat in Congress

Congress is at it again. Pushed by their high paying lobbyists and secretive government agences they seek to steal away our Internet freedoms. Now is the time to contact your Congress Critters to let them know you care and you will remember in November.

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Daily Spark: We need a law making it illegal to make new laws.

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4 Responses to CISPA – WARNING! – Internet Freedom Threat in Congress

  1. Janna says:

    Love your spark. I want a law that in order to make a new law they first must retire two laws. All laws should be packaged individually, no more of this pork barrelling omnibus bills that are filled with stuff.

  2. Lynn Glazer says:

    Hey Walter!,
    i have another question for you!how did you train your first livestock guard dogs? i know that the young ones learn a lot from the older ones… but i have to start from scratch… i rescued a Husky around Christmas time she’s about 5 months old now and she’s been around my chickens and rabbits… i was wondering if you had any tips or book suggestions as to where to start with the training… i’ve always had dogs but they were never trained for anything in particular… except my last one a Bernese Mountain dog which pulls a sled or wagon with my daughter in it for walks and stuff! and not to worry i will supervise my daughter closely when i introduce her to the pigs and until they go to slaughter!! :)
    another question i have is when you winter your pigs in the garden corals how do you deal with the built up hay? or is it completly composted and integrated to the soil by the time you plant and do you ever have problems with weeds? have a wonderful day Walter!! and again thanks for all your information… :)

    • Our first livestock dog, Coy, simply showed up at our door and insisted on working on our farm. We have had many people dump animals on our road over the decades but he did not act like those. He didn’t seem lost. He knew what he wanted to do and did it. I ran him off for three days but then we came home from town and he was guarding the place so he ended up staying. We put up posters and notified the various authorities but nobody claimed him. When Holly first saw him she through he was a fox, a very, very big fox. I’ve been told he was a red wolf by some people who saw him over the years. Wolves are natural ranchers, managing herds, culling the weak, so perhaps there is something to that. He obviously had previously had human contact but other than the above we know nothing of his history before he signed on. He in turn trained his mates and offspring and then grand and great grand offspring over the years.

      I do training to establish common language and pack organization but the dogs have a great deal of instinct and culture to the task, passing down from one generation to the next what to do on the farm. A farm is not too unlike their wild run, it is merely a matter of their pack and our human pack all agreeing on what are the protected and maintained animals vs pest vs predator.

      The winter hay is mostly eaten by the pigs, so it passes through them and gets digested. The minor amount that does build up composts and becomes great garden organic matter. The action of the pigs and poultry cleans out any weed seeds that sprout. See Of Tiller Pigs and Weeder Chickens for details.

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