Trash Barrels

Trash Barrel by Will

Having trash barrels scattered around the farm means trash gets picked up since it is easy to do. The good quality extra large size trash barrels that hold up to the cold and sun are expensive. 65 gallon heavy duty food grade drums are free to $16 around here.

Will made us a whole lot of nice trash barrels with secure lids this past year. The top is the end of one barrel with slits cut in the sides so that it expands slightly over the trash barrel and locks on tight. A short section of old 1″ pipe bolted to the top makes an excellent handle.

These heavy duty plastic barrels last for decades out in the sunlight and don’t break in our extreme cold winter weather. The blue and black barrels last slightly longer than the white – incase you have a choice.

Outdoors: 40°F/24°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/60°F

Daily Spark: People are like tea bags, you have to put them in hot water before you know how strong they are.

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13 Responses to Trash Barrels

  1. mark says:

    i wish barrels were that cheap around here (kentucky)

    I can’t find them any cheaper than $40 and that’s even trying on craigslist. where are you looking?

    • We often get barrels from the Barrel Man in West Topsham near the general store. Bit of a drive from Kentucky though. I’m sure there are people all over the country who help reclaim old barrels and pails. These plastic barrels are widely used in the food industry.

      • mark says:

        i’ll keep looking

        some people around here will have dozens of them in their back yard as housing for their chickens so they must be cheap somewhere near here

        thanks for the reply

        • Peter says:

          Supposedly a good place to find them too is your local car wash since this is what the suppliers ship the soap concentrate in. Not sure if they are using food-grade plastic though, which from my understanding is what you’d want to get.

          • Bruce says:

            Try places that service and buikd car washes. I did it for yrs and smaller businesses prob will give you some. Most pay a company to take them to a recycler per regulations of said state. Larger businesses bring their own to recycle for the money or refill them. Just try to avoid the ones that had scented wax. Almost impossible to rinse out and most animals will not use because of the smell, even if u can’t smell it, they can. But if used as a trash can, scented might be a bonus.

  2. JohnL says:

    I got your lovely present in Co. Meath, Ireland, today. I’m delighted. Every good wish with the project. Thanks for the postcard Holly.

  3. ant says:

    There is a story in the wsj today where somebody just dumped over 3k pigs in a river that is part of the water supply to Shanghai, the most populous city in the world.

    Amazing that somebody would do this.

    I make it a point of not ever littering, and nobody is allowed to do so within my sight.

    • What a pity. Those pigs should have been composted to return their nutrients to the soil. Dumping them in the water is not just irresponsible but also wasteful. Even if they were diseased proper composting will kill virtually any pathogens.

      • George says:

        How would you do the proper composting of a pig? Would you need a lot of plant matter for that?

        • Yes, when composting dead bodies one needs plenty of carbon and time. Properly done, everything dissolves, even the bones and teeth. A hot pile kills virtually all pathogen types. I take a fairly simple static pile approach and apply patience. I tend to build big piles and they get very hot. See the various composting articles for details.

  4. Susan Lea says:

    Your kids are real chips off the old block! And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible! So resourceful!

  5. Melissa says:

    x2 ! I thought the same thing!! I do think when children are given a little guidence and taught a few skills then let loose, they are very creative.

    Years ago I bought large barrells from the car wash. Now 15 years later they are brittle–and these are the white colored ones. I often wonder if the blue plastic is a softern more flexible plastic that is more resilient than the white. I use 1/2 barrell to cover the trailer hitch to protect a loose horse from danger. Had planned to use most of them to collect rain water from the house gutters. Then the white ones look perfect for the job, matching the house!

    • The colored barrels last longer in the sun. Some of the white barrels have a UV inhibitor, I think, as they last more like the colored barrels, but some of the more translucent white barrels don’t and those break in a decade or so.

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