Cubes in Tubes

Stone Cube in Cardboard Tube

Many people’s stone cubes from the Kickstarter project are shipping with posters or calendars in triangular USPS mailing tubes. When you receive yours be sure to open the tube completely to get your cube that is wrapped up in paper and taped to the wall of the tube. Don’t throw the tube away without opening it to retrieve your diamond cut rock!

What are the cubes? When we built our butcher shop we used small rocks to space the reinforcement away from the forms. Holly cut these from a variety of colors of granite and marble using the diamond ring I gave her. She’s very industrious with her toys.

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  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Your thank-you postcard arrived at my p.o. box in Davis, Ca. yesteday or today. Fine picture, one I’ve liked since first stumbling upon your blog. Happy whiteness, all.


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