Goodies Shipping

Kickstarter Goodies Shipping

In addition to Roaster Party Packs that have shipped we have also been shipping out some of the goodies like knuckle dice, pig pens, small tusks and such – a good indoor task for crazy cold weather days. Time to start watching mailboxes!

With the butcher shop closed in to the cold weather and the propane installed for extra heat to help with curing we are continuing to work on finishing off the interior, first focusing on the inspector’s office, bathroom and the initial meat cutting room so that we can begin cutting meat on-farm in the not too distant future so that we can start delivering CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter Rewards.

Outdoors: 30°F/-2°F Mostly Cloudy, Some Sun
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/56°F No Fire

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