Sunny Windy Snow Days

South Field Herd on Plateau

The pigs above are from the south herd. They have a deep hay pack in the windbreak of the roughly 8′ tall compost pile that is on the south field plateau. Chuck, daughter of Charlie, is checking out the tip of a large rock sticking up through the snow pack.

We had a spot of cold weather down into the negative teens but it has now warmed up quite nicely. We probably won’t see weather that cold again this year. It’s been warm enough that we’ve not lit a fire for a few days.

On top of it being cold we had very high winds. Strong enough to take down quite a few branches and big trees, clearing the dead and week wood from the forests. The biggest tree, an 80′ spruce, fortunately fell away from the cottage. Had it fallen in our direction it might have just barely reached us. Then we would have gotten to test our ferro-cement roof. I would rather not.

Chuck did see her shadow.

Outdoors: 18°F/2°F Snow, Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/59°F No Fire

Daily Spark: A fine whine is higher pitched.

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4 Responses to Sunny Windy Snow Days

  1. Susan Lea says:

    I wouldn’t want to test the roof, either! We have a sunny, windy, no-snow day here! A couple days ago there were tornadoes in the area, but fortunately we didn’t sustain any damage during the high winds. The town that had so much damage is about an hour from us.

  2. Angie says:

    Well I am all caught up on your past writings.
    It was fun to see the kids and your farm grow before my eyes, now I will see everything happening in real time….

  3. Erika says:

    I have been a fan for a long time – and use your blog heavily when I started my own little hog ranch in Colorado last year. I have 4 American Guineas that are about 5 months old. I cannot get them to eat their hay… Do you have any suggestions? We do supplement heavily with fruits and veggies and barley/hops mash that we get donated from our local grocery stores and breweries. But for some reason the pigs will not touch their hay. I am not sure if it is very heavy in alfalfa, could that be the problem? Or that we give them too many other goodies?? Any advice?

    • Make parfaits. Mix the hay with the other foods. This can be as simple as creating a thick lower layer of hay, and then adding alternating layers of the goodies and more hay. Hay that is higher in alfalfa and clover is generally more appetitive. If it has seed heads that is great too. Ours like the leafy hay over stiff stalks. See the article “Feeding Hay” for some more thoughts.

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