Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence, or lack there of. My spiders stumbled on this in the web and served it up to me this morning:

January 18th, 2013 – A Turkish Central News agency article maked a link between how we constructed our cottage and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) investigation of Iranian nuclear weapons capability. I think this counts as the strangest use of one of my photos, yet…

Strange News

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6 Responses to Counter Intelligence

  1. Jeff Hamons says:

    HelloW alter,

    As always thank you for your great blog — First time commenter – long time writer as they would say. We have been in the “pig business” for about a year now — getting ready to take our first finishers to the butcher this week. In addition, in our breeding herd, we have two litters of Large Black piglets on the ground that are 8 and 5 weeks old. We have them in paddocks that we rotate though our wooded hills every 21 days.

    We have a 14 month old Large Black boar that is in with the growers — 4 castrated males. His behavior has started changing in the last couple weeks. He has started to become more agressive. Not trying to hurt you necessarily, but instead pushing on you, blocking your path,”mouthing” you, etc. He is like this even more with my wife.

    I wondered if this would be considered normal adolescent behavior for a pig? Should we be doing soemthing to diminish the behavior. If he continues to get more agressive he is going to become sausage –w e cannot have a dangerous animal on our farm. Traditional wisdom from other farmers tends to be beat them, shock them or ignore them .

    This is one question I had a hard time finding answers to on your blog. I have read that you cull hard for temperament and that you socialize from an early age –all advice I have and will follow – but wanted to make sure that I had done all I could do first.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Jeff Hamons
    Synergistic Acres – Kansas City Natural Farm

    • I would speed up the rotation a bit as the parasite life cycles tend to be around 21 days. You want to be well off the paddock before they might possibly hatch and reinfect. At 21 days you’re shaving that. At 14 days or 7 days you would run less risk of reinfection cycles.

      The boar is no longer an adolescent at 14 months. He is mature and into his peak. The boar may need a lady or few. His job is to keep the sows pregnant. All his evolution is geared towards that. The fact that he does this more with your wife than you suggests this might be what is going on. Is your wife at the ovulation point of her cycle? Something to consider.

      I would keep him with sows. I find that keeping a boar even with bred sows keeps him happier than keeping him isolated from females. The only reason I would isolate my breeding boars from the breeder sows is if I wanted to control the seasonality of farrowing. Otherwise I find it is best to keep them together.

      As you said, if he gets too aggressive then it is time to eat him – you can’t run the risk of injury. I would strongly suggest not beating him or shocking him. If things are that bad then it is time to eat him instead. But I suspect that putting him with females may solve this.

  2. estes says:

    So Walter, is this saying your building is in Iran? Not many pork buyers over there!

  3. Ted says:

    Ah, ha! The truth comes out about the Jeffries secret plot to take over the world! The Turks have outed you!

    I love your sense of humor!

  4. Diane N. says:

    Hi Walter,
    Maybe your post here caused the Turkish news agency to remove your photo. Their site has, it seems, now removed it (but the text is still there). At first I thought, “Wait, it’s not April Fool’s Day… is this real?”

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