Reserving Piglets

CurlyT with Piglets

If you’re planning to buy pigs to raise over the summer now is the time to get on the reserve list.

Spring is when demand for feeder weaner piglets is highest. Additionally, spring piglets are the hardest to produce because the sows must farrow and nurse during the worst weather of the year. Piglets are typically born six weeks to two months before you pick them up which means that March and April piglets are born in January and February. This constrains supply during the high demand period.

Even though we have more sows this year than ever before I expect supply to be tight as we increase our own sales to stores, restaurants and individuals after our butcher shop opens.

Reserve your piglets now to make sure you have summer pigs.

For details see the Piglets page.

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Daily Spark: It takes a village, and its dogs, to eat a pig.

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1 Response to Reserving Piglets

  1. Angie says:

    I stumbled across your blog when I followed some links from a story about tiny houses.
    Its like reading a modern day version of Little House on the Prairie.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lives for people like me to enjoy and ‘escape’ to for a short time.

    After reading about the building of the cottage I started from the beginning, so back to 2005 I go…..

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