Barrel Shelves

Will’s Barrel Shelves

I have my own hardware store here at the farm. It’s too far to go in town to pickup a spare part so I keep a lot of bits and pieces I’ll need. Will made me a bunch of these lovely, multi-story, compartmentalized shelves out of 65 gallon plastic drums to keep plumbing parts organized.

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3 Responses to Barrel Shelves

  1. Pablo says:

    Clever, resourceful young man!

  2. Jenna says:

    Will is a crafty young man. Very inventive. He takes after his father and mother. Your whole family brings a lot of creativity to everything you do. I really enjoy seeing these posts! Stay warm!

  3. Nance says:

    that is great! now, for me, I would need each bin labeled with size and angle. I’m trying to remember my favorite lumber store’s method — 4″ 90 deg; 6″ 45. You and Will can probably tell at a glance.

    Nice job, Will!

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