Vulva Close to Farrowing

CurlyT’s Enlarged Vulva

As a sow approaches her farrowing date her body prepares itself for releasing the piglets out into the world. One of the very visible changes is that her vulva will enlarge and soften to ease the passage of the soon to arrive newborn pigs. This photo was taken about a week ago and shows the beginning stage of loosening and enlarging. CurlyT will farrow soon.

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3 Responses to Vulva Close to Farrowing

  1. Edgwick Farm says:

    We watch the same area in our dairy goats as a prediction of labor! Talitha

  2. Linda says:

    Hello Walter,
    I have a gilt that is starting to soften back there but she has not bagged up yet. It is also the first time I have had a gilt, I do have experience with goats giving birth ect. As she has not bagged up yet do you think it will be another few weeks? Goats can be odd as they can bag up weeks if not hours before giving birth.

    Thank you Linda

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