Ice Island

Isle of Ice on Upper Pond

Every year it seems we have some new interesting ice formation. This summer we improved the water lines leading from the mid and high springs down to the upper pond so the flow is returned to full. The way I laid the ends of the pipes into the pond they cause the water to swirl around in a rapid current. This has allowed the ice to form in the middle of the pond but not along the edges. The result is a island of ice in the middle of the upper pond that turns gently in the whirlpool but never touches the shore. Quite fascinating.

The trout breed in our pond, which is unusual, and I’m hoping that with the increased rate of water flow they will be even happier under their glacier.

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5 Responses to Ice Island

  1. Janice says:

    Really cool!

  2. Eric Simms says:

    Oh man! I would be so tempted to jump out on to that iceberg! Probably get totally soaking wet!!

  3. Susan Lea says:

    Maybe you could try some ice-fishing for those trout!

  4. John Klimes says:

    Great concept for watering livestock in a stock water pond so the animals can’t walk out on the ice.

    • Interesting thought. Fortunately the livestock don’t have access to this pond – it’s the upper reservoir. It would be dangerously deep in the winter and as you’re noting, they could fall through if the ice ever did make it to the edge. In the past the ice on this pond often does go to the edges and it still might this year if we got a cold enough period – it’s been a pleasantly warm winter so far not dropping below minus 17°F. We do have shallower ponds where this isn’t an issue wouldn’t be a problem. They keep a hole free on those. The ducks are very good at this since they wake up and go get drinks in the middle of the night.

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