Calendar 2013

2013 Calendar Front Cover
All the Seasons at Sugar Mountain Farm

It’s a new year and calendar time! The image above is the front cover of our 2013 calendar. Also check out the calendar from last year.

You can download the PDF digital version. The file size is about 1.4 Megabytes so be prepared for long download times if you’re on a slow connection. Use it on your computer or print it out to hang on the wall so you can enjoy looking at farm scenes all year long.

But enough about trivial technicalities – we’re all here for the pictures right!

Big’Un & Archimedes looking over the south herd

Big’Un and Archimedes are two of the breeder boars who sired many of the pigs in our herds. Here they’re standing above Underhill looking south over their herd’s domain.


Speckles, who is letting the rooster stand on him, another of our big breeder boars. In this picture he is relaxing in the sun on a deep bed of hay in the south field court yard.

Piglets nursing on Quartermane

These piglets are enjoying a warm drink at the milk bar of their mother Quartermane on a cold winter day.

Flo, Octavia and other sows at Underhill with piglets

Underhill is one of the winter paddocks in the south field where these sows farrowed a sound of piglets.

Goose & Gander with Goslings

This is the first year that our geese have produced goslings. These little ones were born in a nest sheltered among the granite chunks by the lower pond.

Big Lots and Alberta with Piglets in North Home Field

This year we had a rare input of new pigs, twice. One group was Tamworth and Large Black sows which included these two ladies. The other incoming pig was Spitz, our new Berkshire boar who joined them in the north herd.

Mailbox Tiger and DayLilies

The lilies did exceptionally well down by the mailbox. The new crosses of my old plants produced a variety of new and interesting colors.

Tammy the Tamworth and Piglets

Another of the new Tamworth sows with her piglets enjoying the sun in the north home field.

Perfect Pear

This year was a particularly productive pear period producing many like this beauty. It tasted delicious!

Hope, Will & Ben Halloween Costumes

Hope was a Tiger for Halloween. Will couldn’t decide if he was happy or mad, so he was both. Ben was a giant ghost skeleton with a treasure chest that opened to receive donations.

Piglets in Repose

Piglets spend a lot of time sleeping when they’re not eating at the milk bar or learning to graze at their mother’s side.

The Butcher Shop finally closed in for winter!

The beginning of December we made the final structural pour on the butcher shop, creating the top ring of walls and the concrete ceilings. It is all super insulated so that now even though it is winter the building is staying very temperate allowing us to continue construction inside through the winter.

Happy New Year!

Outdoors: 25°F/16°F 1″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/62°F

Daily Spark: It is annoying to listen to people insist bumble bees can’t fly.

Credit for photos is spread through our family. I used Photoshop for the collaging and GraphicConverter’s File:Convert&Modify Batch Scale to 1440 x 1080 for use in the PDF and then 640 x 480 for the web. iCal did the hard work of generating the monthly pages. That used to be harder the way I did it in in Excel years ago. To generate the PDF I used Acrobat.

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3 Responses to Calendar 2013

  1. Vera Coe says:

    Wishing you and your family a happy and successful 2013. You deserve it for all the hard work you all put into the farm, and I am so glad that we only have thirteen acres to manage!

  2. Susan Lea says:

    There’s something adorable about piglets that makes me go all gooey inside! I love your photos! Happy New Year and congratulations to all of you on the fantastic progress on your butcher shop in 2012!

  3. Janice says:

    What beautiful photos of your farm and your family. I love the family portrait on December! You live in such a beautiful place. The mountains are spectacular. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished in the year past and all my wishes for your success in the new year!

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