Meat Shipping for CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter Rewards

Smoked Meaty Ribs

Someone who had pre-ordered meat in the Kickstarter project asked about the time frame for shipping meat as he was concerned that he was going to be away on vacation and didn’t want it to arrive while he was gone.

Rest assured we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. We just closed in the butcher shop building and are now working on finishing off the interior so that we can start cutting meat in the winter. Initially we’ll be state inspected so we’ll start by filling the CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter orders that are in Vermont as well as anyone who wants to pickup in Vermont.

Next we’ll apply for our USDA inspection so we can ship meat out of state. Getting the USDA license can take one to six months I’m told. Since we built from scratch to the USDA specifications and above I am hoping we’ll be on the faster track for our federal license. If all goes well it might be as early as March.

Before we ship anything we’ll contact all pre-buyers, both CSA Pre-Buyers and Kickstarter backers (which is also a pre-buy) via email to make sure that you’re ready to receive and will be home to put the meat into the freezer when it arrives. Shipments are sent signature required to make sure they are received and handled properly (e.g., refrigerated or frozen).

We won’t ship until you’re ready as we want to make sure you enjoy the highest quality product!

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9 Responses to Meat Shipping for CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter Rewards

  1. That package looks so good I could just open it up and start licking ! Keep up the good work Walter and family and have a MERY merry Christmas from your Illinois pig farming blog friends.

  2. NK says:

    That meat looks lovely! Will those smoked ribs be one of the options on our kickstarter packages? They are smoked – could we get that instead of bacon? I have loved following your progress. I don’t mind that you’re a little late. That is to be expected with any big project and yours is certainly a big big project. It amazes me what you and your family accomplish. You are actually the architect engineer general contractor electrician plumber and labor force for your own project. It amazes me that you guys and gals can do all those different things. I wouldn’t know where to begin on such a project! Keep on posting pictures. I love to follow along vicariously!

  3. David M. M. says:

    Awesome rack there! So will you offer BBQ ribs in sauce? REM here I come!

    • Yes, BBQ ribs in sause are on the agenda. The ones above are smoked – no sauce. Years ago we did them for a restaurant in Barre named All Fired Up, but it burnt down, no kidding. So that was a sad day. But the BBQ ribs were really good. We’ve been making them at home for our family since, in fact we just had some the other night. We can them and they do make really good Ready to Eat Meals since they’re fully cooked. To start making them again we need to have our meat cutting, commercial kitchen (for the sauce) and smokehouse. I am hoping we’ll be able to do them later in 2013.

  4. Nance says:

    when I am done working, I aim to learn to can meat. My mother-in-law canned beef (I’m not sure about the pork?) and it was delicious and just handy to have when company stopped by. Your BBQ pork sounds delicious canned. Any hints?

    • Canning meat is very simple and easy. We debone it, put it in clean mason jars and pressure cook it. I grew up canning and taught Holly when we met almost 25 years ago. There is an interesting article on Food Renegade where she discusses how canning preserves nutrients.

      Sometimes we do it as just meat but usually we do it as a pre-prepared dish, a ready to eat meal, such as chili, ribs, pulled pork, spaghetti sauce, soups, stews, etc. This way it is easy to cook up 20 or 40 meals all at once and put them on the pantry shelves. Then when dinner time comes we can just heat and serve. It’s a big time saver toward having nutritious, inexpensive meals.

      Last year, after decades of using a canner that required a gasket, I bought this All American canner. I had wanted stainless steel but couldn’t find one in a large enough size that I could afford without a gasket. I’m very pleased with this unit.

  5. Ed Allison says:

    Hi Walter,
    Based on your progress on the butcher shop, plus the need to get the federal license to ship out of state, I suppose it’ll still be a while before we receive our kickstarter rewards. I’m not complaining….. I was very glad to help out with your project. I’ll just have to be patient and keep some napkins handy to wipe my chin from anticipation. Keep those updates coming!

    • Yes, it will still be a while for most rewards. We are making steady progress. Today I’m working on hooking up the plumbing to the septic. Yesterday I was doing the floor curbing in the inspector’s office and tomorrow or the next day I hope to lay the final floor in the initial cutting room. We have shipped some meat, things that don’t require the butchering capacity such as the party packages of roasters starting back in January, through the spring, summer and then some more last month as people had events. Keep that napkin handy!

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