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Planning a Christmas, New Years or other Holiday party? Want to do a suckling pig or oven roaster? Now’s the time to order so we can get your pig into the butcher’s schedule so it will arrive in time for your party. Check out the pigs in the freezer on the Roaster page. We can also pick a pig from the field if you need another size or want fresh.

Roaster pigs are all ready to cook. They are available fresh if you order in time and are local or frozen from the freezer and for shipping orders. They thaw easily in a brine solution – see the Roaster page for a description of how to do this. Cook suckling and oven sized roasters in the oven much like doing a turkey for a delicious and special holiday treat!

While you’re thinking about pork now is the time to order a half pig or whole pig for your family or to split with friends so you’ll have good meat in the freezer over the winter. Whole pigs are $3.50/lb plus processing and half pigs are $4/lb plus processing. See the Whole & Half Pig page for details. Whole pigs run 150 to 200 lbs hanging – let us know if you want larger or smaller.

Ready To Cook Roaster

Local delivery of fresh pigs is available within Vermont for just $10 along our weekly Delivery Route. For longer distances we can also ship pigs frozen. Suckling and roaster pigs under 65 lbs are shippable whole – allow three days for thawing on your end. Half pigs ship in two boxes and whole pigs ship in three to four boxes.

Lastly, there is still time to get in on CSA Pre-Buys as we go into the final push of finishing construction on the butcher shop so we’ll be able to start cutting meat for you here at Sugar Mountain Farm. CSA Pre-Buyers get free processing and local delivery which saves $190 on a whole pig order. CSA Pre-Buys can also be shipped at additional cost.

To see the full range of delicious pork you can order check out the Order Form.

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3 Responses to Order Holiday Roasters & Suckling Pigs

  1. Michael says:

    I don’t think that apple was fully cooked. The pig looks great. Painted almost.

  2. Zach says:

    I would be curious how much dry ice you use for each package to be delivered frozen solid? Do you send it expedited or regular mail? I am sure I saw a post you had where you talked about the tests you conducted on mailing pork, but can not seem to find it in the search. Appreciate your help!

    • Depending on where we’re shipping to, the time of year and the anticipated shipping time we use different amounts of ice. Sometime I’ll do a post that goes into detail about what we found in our experiments. Basically, if you’re shipping where the dry ice is needed (season, destination, ship time) then start with about two pounds of dry ice. Using BTU calculations and conductivity you can actually model it fairly well. Some tricks is to pack the meat in the box, flash freeze the whole thing to bring the box down as cold as possible, add the dry ice and the delay before delivering it to the post office for weighing. This way the coolth of the dry ice transfers to the product and the shipped weight is less while still extremely cold. If the timing works out that trick can save some postage. Dry ice costs about $2/lb where we get it.

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