When the dairy truck comes by to deliver it’s daily load of whey for the pigs Remus, one of our livestock guardian dogs, clearly calls out “Over!” repeatedly to the other dogs. He’s telling them to get off the driveway. He picked this up from us as that is what we say to the dogs to tell them to get out of the way of the whey truck. He’s the youngest of the dogs but also the biggest dog, and still growing, and he likes bossing when he gets the chance.

Remus is particularly verbal and has picked up several other words that he uses to talk such as saying ‘Hello‘, ‘In‘, ‘Out‘ and other common phrases. He has a thick canine accent, since his vocal tract is very different than our human larynx, tongue and lips, but he is understandable if one pays attention.

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5 Responses to Over!

  1. Pablo says:

    My dog, Flike, has only one word in his vocabulary. Unfortunately, he has a lot of opinions about things and just uses that one word over and over.

  2. Lorie says:

    Love it! Our new border collie cross pup has an extensive vocabulary as well. So far all I have been able to translate is a general complaint regarding “down” and “over” and “I am ready for a snack”. Pity my small human brain can not understand more… I know she knows something I don’t.

  3. Diane N. says:

    I’m still hoping there will be video clips of your incredible dogs one day. Posts about your dogs are fascinating.

  4. Nance says:

    This post and Remus’ vocabulary pleases me to no end. I, too, would love video only because I have never had such a relationship with a dog. My dad did once, with a collie. (I think he other close relationships with his farm horses too.) Dad was on the farm then, and Ring, the collie knew his chores and duties and his place in the world.

    • We have somewhat of an unusual situation here on the farm compared with most companion animals. Our dogs have been part of a many generational pack that has lived and worked on our farm for over twenty years. That’s 140 years in dog years, that is to say many generations. We’re here almost all the time so not only do they have their work, the strong social bond of the pack but also a great deal of interaction with us doing chores which leads to constant schooling in their duties. Your dad and Ring may have had some what similar opportunity. I think that it leads to more maximization of the dogs’s potential.

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