Seed Store

Seed Store

Somebody’s been playing with my conduit! This time of year I find seeds stowed away in all sorts of nooks and crannies. These store houses are the work of industrious mice, chipmunks and other critters. They’re prepping for winter.

Unfortunately in this case they’re doing in my tools and electrical conduit supplies so I have to dump their seed store out in a pile for them to find and move to a better location. One time I found a whole lot of seeds stored in the air filter of our van. Another time it was the motor housing of the drill press.

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Daily Spark: Someone said, “Drones Will Soon Be Able To Kill During War Without Human Assistance. Drones could soon operate without the help of humans.” But this isn’t quite true, drones will still need humans live human targets.

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3 Responses to Seed Store

  1. We find them in the boots of our waders,

  2. jai says:

    My mom has a Honda minivan and had to get all the wiring replaced 5 times ($6k total) last winter – Honda uses a soy coating and the squirrels just loved eating it.
    They gota new hot pepper coated tape and – free of charge – taped all of her wiring a couple of months ago.
    (The neighbors xcross the street actually had their Jeep catch on fire & was totaled because of the squirrels eating their wiring.)

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