Cleaning House

Hope Vacuuming the Walls

After we’re done doing form work we vacuumed out the wall forms so there won’t be loose debris, sawdust, tools, etc lost in the concrete. Hope did a great job. Now we’ll get a better bond between our cold joints.

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2 Responses to Cleaning House

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Hey, can you send Hope our way when she’s done? :) We’re trying to clean for Thanksgiving company coming, and I swear the construction dust from upstairs is breeding and multiplying–like microscopic rabbits! Sigh! Construction is exciting, but I always forget there’s going to be dust that lingers long after the contractors are gone.

  2. andy says:

    Hello Mr Jeffries,

    Been enjoying your chronicles, especially relating to the construction of your various buildings. A builder by trade I am beginning construction of my own home next spring. Planning on a few structural vaulted ceilings. Your methods inspire. Look forward to seeing more.

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