Man in the Wall

Ben Hacking Conduit

There appears to be a man living in our butcher shop walls. I called down to him and tried to get him to come out but he just hunkered down. I told him he will need to leave soon as we’re pouring 200,000 lbs of concrete into that wall. I think he wants to be part of the project. If he doesn’t hop up and out he will become a very lasting piece of architecture…

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Daily Spark: Palindrome TimeStressed is Deserts spelled backwards. -Val in Stone Soup

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2 Responses to Man in the Wall

  1. Bea says:

    Man in the wall, sounds like an ogden nash poem!

  2. Farmerbob1 says:

    It’s great when you get to work with people that really get into their work. However, you have to make sure they don’t take it too far :)

    I used to work in a steel mill. It was *very* important there to not get too much into the work.

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