Sunset at Three

Sun Dropping Below Bear Ridge

It is getting dark early. It is especially early for us as we live on the east side of the mountain. This means the sun sets early as it hides behind the ridge. The good news is that ridge, and Sugar Mountain, protect us from the cold winter winds. The bad news is less light. The good news is fewer apple tree buds lost to frost in the spring. The bad news is it gets cold earlier in the afternoon when we lose the light. The good news is the maple trees produce better syrup on the eastern bowl of the mountain. It’s a good news bad news story. Life is like that. Full of trade offs.

The top of Bear Ridge is flat. There is about 30 acres of flat land up there. It’s like somebody took a machete and scalped the mountain between to rises. It is rather odd looking since most of our terrain is very sharp, pointy and upsy-downsy. To the north Sugar Mountain rises up protecting that high plateau. To the south there is Bear’s Den Knob rising up. Long ago that was all pasture on the top of the ridge – the old stone walls attest to that. Three years ago we cut the timber off those fields and have since been working at gradually and gently restoring those fields.

Outdoors: 35°F/18°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/59°F

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  1. BeninMA says:

    Does maple syrup on the east side of a ridge make better syrup as a general rule, or just in your case? I’m just curious about why that would be the case.

    • East slopes tend to give more and better syrup because the trees get woken in the morning by the sunrise but not over heated and dried by the hotter western light. Western and southern slopes tend to dry out more, the soil is drier so there isn’t as much water available for the trees, the trees bud earlier so the syrup goes bitter. North slopes are second best.

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