Half Pig Available

I have a half pig up for grabs from this week’s batch. If you’re looking to put some meat in the family freezer and want a great deal let me know.

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6 Responses to Half Pig Available

  1. Sold! To the lady in Milton.

    There are more pigs out in the field so if you’re looking to fill your freezer with delicious pastured pork for the winter email me. You can download the order form from the Literature page.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Hi Walter. What is the new “Lucky” post in the side column? Why lucky?

  3. So, Lucky as in, the Lucky post gets the plug, I like that. And, while I’m typing, I have to say, I am rarely disinterested to the point of not reading the entire post on your site, and very rarely if ever do I not click to another and continue to read. If you farm and butcher 10% as good as you blog, you might be a pretty darn good farmer, lol. Thanks for hours of enjoyment, tons of very usefull info, and for helping to put a good image out there for us fellow hog lovers!

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