Active Beaver

A Trail, A Trail!

As Holly and I were driving home she noticed a ripple on the waters. I hopped out and followed the trail made by certain web footed, flat tailed friends down from the road.

Someone’s been chewing on the trees!

Their recent work clearing the small trees by their home was quite evident.

Beaver Pond Full to the Brim – Click for Larger View

In their front yard I saw the storm had filled their pool to brimming and they were working hard at increasing its size for winter.

A Juvenile Beaver

Then I heard a splash and this little young’un, a juvenile beaver, swam over to me from the far side, turned left and scooted underwater along the bank.

They build their house in the marsh which is verboten according to the Agency of Natural Resources but I think these folk know what they’re doing. They just build really tough houses with underwater entrances so they can weather a whole winter of storms. Interestingly, sometimes the sticks they use to build their houses sprout. Are they gardeners too? Wolves are ranchers. Beavers are planters?

Outdoors: 37°F/24°F Spots of Sun, Bits of Snow
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/59°F

Daily Spark: Peace and all those good things are luxuries. First you need to feed yourself, your family, your community before you can think about saving the world.

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5 Responses to Active Beaver

  1. Michael says:

    Let’s hope the provider doesn’t see his drowning overhead power cable!
    Btw: It’s ‘verboten’, with a soft ‘o’ :)

    • The power company built their transmission lines through the swamp long after the beavers built the wet land and the area is protected land, by me. The power company keeps wanting to spray herbicides and I won’t let them. They must cut brush and they can’t mess with the marsh. They should have chosen a different route. Better yet, bury the lines. If someone proposed putting poles and lines all over the countryside today like they did in the past it would be completely blocked as unacceptable. I’ve talked with the beaver to see if they were interested in cutting down the poles but they said the wood doesn’t taste good. So, we just put up with it.

  2. Maddie says:

    Neato! I have never seen a beaver. You must get to see a lot of wildlife living up on the mountain. I envy that. Someday after I have saved up enough from my city job I want to ”retire” out to the country and have a small farm. But first I must have the cash to buy land. I know that is a catch 22 for farmers. Your blog inspires me.

  3. Whit Carter says:

    I wish you were right on this Walter. The Bay lake project is coming to Northern Michigan where I live and my property borders the route. Went to the “community meeting” but it is too big for us little guys to stop.

    • You need to enlist the help of the animals… :)

      In NH a big project has recently been blocked. There is hope. If they would just put the lines underground they would not run into so much resistance. They are blighting the landscape with their transmission towers. Fight it. Otherwise they win by default.

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