Upper Pond Full

Upper Pond Full – Click to Expand to Larger View

This summer we replaced some of the pipes that bring water from the springs so now we have more capacity to bring water to the upper pond where it is stored and distributed to the livestock.

Normally in August our ponds get very low and some even dry up. The extra spring water kept the upper pond close to full right through August and even September which was unusually dry. Sandy gave us a burst of much needed water to the soil and that topped off all the ponds.

Using terraces, swales, berms and ponds we catch the water and controlling its flow. This reduces flash flooding down the mountain. The reservoirs of the ponds tides us over during the dry months of summer. It also helps to keep the nutrients in our soil from washing away and that helps to gradually build the quality of our soils.

Outdoors: 34°F/17°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/61°F

Daily Spark: I see many people who say their on a strict vegetarian diet. What I observe is that involves a lot of coffee and cigarettes.

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6 Responses to Upper Pond Full

  1. Kay Gschwind says:

    Very permaculture, and very smart. Nice that the lay of your land allows this.

  2. Kay Gschwind says:

    And btw, having to enter the CAPTCHA code to post a comment is a huge pain. I get it wrong all the time…

  3. Nance says:

    The grass around your pond is still very green! Good to know that Sandy helped your water tables; we are still low here although we have had some rain here this fall. Another chance of rain this weekend. Are you getting snow from the winter storm?

    • The Nor’Easter seems to have skipped us. We’ve just been getting the usual dusting. We’re not high altitude compared with the Rockies but we’re high compared with our local terrain and from now to spring we get a dusting of snow just about every night as well as sometimes during the day. This is snowdew.

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