High Scaffolding

Butcher Shop as seen from Road

The butcher shop is looking mighty tall as seen from the road. A visitor recently said, “You would never find me up there!” as she watched our dogs walk along the planks.

The purpose of all that scaffolding is to make it easy and safe for us to work high up on the building. The building is only about 20′ high but a fall could be a disaster. Thus as we raise forms ever higher we surround them with rings of scaffolds and railings that give us an extra two to four feet of safe space to be able to work and catch anyone who might trip.

Inside the form work the building itself is rising higher and there are platforms and scaffolding to make that safe as well. It looks high from the ground but when we’re up there working it feels, and is, very safe.

Outdoors: 33°F/27°F 1″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/62°F

Daily Spark: The final blow was Fall threatening us with Winter.

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3 Responses to High Scaffolding

  1. Adam Mortson says:

    I think I agree that I dont’ want to be up there on those scaffolds! Your dogs are brave. And you sir, and your family, are all doing amazing work! Most people when they say they built their own house mean they hired someone as opposed to bought a house on the market. You on the other hand actually not only built your own house but designed and engineered it and then you built a butcher shop which is totally amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could buy your surely delicious pork!

    • We sometimes do ship when requested although I like to encourage people to buy from their local small pasture based farmers to avoid the shipping costs. If you are interested in shipped meat then see the order form on the literature page. On the order form you can get a variety of boxes which have the shipping already figured or you can put together your own choice of cuts or even do a half or whole pig.

  2. Lila says:

    What a great family project! I have to admit to having a bit of fear of hights and wouldn’t want to be up there!

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