Scare in Scary Barre – Halloween 2012

Hope, Will and Ben in Costumes

Barre, Vermont is pronounced just like Scary so it rhymes. Unlike Barre, Maine which is pronounced Bar. The reason we had a scare in Barre was that due to Hurricane Sandy’s scare they had rescheduled the Halloween trick-or-treating with merchants on Main Street from today (10/31) to tomorrow (11/1) and when we showed up tomorrow we saw a sign at the library saying it was yesterday. And if that isn’t confusing enough just try and ignore all those tenses.

Ben’s Ghost Skeleton Head with Glowing Eyes

We were slightly early, just barely a couple minutes, but nothing seemed to be happening. We were worried that with the confusion and yesterday turning out to be a nice day after all that they had rescheduled Halloween back in time into October. Panic! Run around in circles and scream! And not just because of the tiger, the madd man and the ghost! Hope, Ben and Will had spent more than a month fabricating and sewing their costumes. Halloween couldn’t have been missed! Quick! The time machine!

Hope and Her Invisible Friend as a Tiger

So Holly went into the Library and asked before we went to such drastic measures as time travel which could have caused all sorts of paradoxes and possibly a Super Storm.

Will was Half Madd

The librarian reassured her that it was indeed today, that is to say yesterday’s tomorrow and we weren’t late, just a few minutes early. Phew!

So started the Scary Barre 2012.

Art Studio

Since the festivities were not on their usual eve the crowd was much smaller. This was kind of nice. There was less bustle and chaos.

Cowgirl and Indians

Many of the merchants dress up for the event which makes it even more fun.

Aubuchon’s Gouls

Witch Taming Tiger

A Perfect (Dead) Couple – Corpse Bride and Skeleton Ghost

This Year’s Costume Winner

This guy went to an extreme. He actually brought a UPS truck for his costume and was delivery packages! How cool is that! I think he had the biggest costume.

Northfield Savings Bank

Senior Center Witches

China Town

Later we came back and had dinner at China Town, our favorite Chinese restaurant.

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9 Responses to Scare in Scary Barre – Halloween 2012

  1. Jenna says:

    I love the holloween costumes! I love seeing this post each year!

  2. Susan Lea says:

    Great costumes! Glad to know you guys have fun sometimes instead of just work! :)

    • The rule is no fun until October 1st. Then costume making begins. Up until then one can just think about designs, plan how to make it, etc. Otherwise we would be making costumes all year round. :) Halloween costume making is just too fun.

  3. Pablo says:

    Your kids always have the best costumes.

  4. Shelly says:

    Will’s costume is spectacular! Already working on my inspiration for next year …

  5. Nance says:

    I love the costumes and creativity. I also like how your whole community gets involved! Out here in the midwest we all just sit at home in our quiet warm houses and wait for the kids to come to us. I like your way better.

  6. Angela says:

    Love your costumes!!!

  7. Duke says:

    Fabulous costumes!

  8. Kira says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on domain. Regards

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