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Cole Ward’s Master Butchering DVD

We’ve had a long, long string of glorious sunny days to work on construction of our on-farm butcher shop which in part our Kickstarter projected has helped with funding. This morning it was raining, which we needed, so we worked on filling rewards for Kickstarter backers. Cole Ward, the master butcher we apprenticed with for 18 months, had gotten his meat cutting instructional DVDs to us a few weeks ago and they’re one of the first major rewards to start shipping. The first step to shipping was downloading all the surveys and then organizing them.

We had been writing labels out, while also printing labels for this week’s batch of pork, when it occured to us that I could make a nifty Sugar Mountain Farm mailing label. Later packages got the pretty label.

Note that there are three people who added DVD’s to their reward and we still need to get those in so as to ship them out. On order and I just got a note from the DVD company that they should ship to us in ten days. We’ll ship the last three DVDs out then. If anyone else would like a Cole Ward Meat Cutting DVD set (2 disks, covering beef, lamb and pork) then send $41 via PayPal to my email address walterj@sugarmtnfarm.com or otherwise get $41 to me by postal mail and also send me an email to alert me that your order is coming.

While we were at it I also updated our farm brochure and included a copy along with a 8.5″x11″ mini pork cut chart poster. It will make a handy reference while watching the video. You can also download and print your own from the link on the Literature page in the menu bar above.

If you’ve been looking forward to learning how to cut meat from master butcher Cole Ward and chose his DVD as your Kickstarter reward then watch your mailbox. Also be sure to check out Cole’s web site and blog!

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Daily Spark: The nice thing about pigs is they mature quickly, grow fast, have large litters and you can eat your mistakes.

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