Tarzan’s Lost Grape Vine

Tarzan’s Lost Grape Vine

This may be Tarzan’s long lost grape vine. Sadly the town cut it off at the roots this year when they mowed. I was a bit surprised that they reached that far over as the base was right next to the tree and I had carefully preserved this tree and vine which are outside the town’s right of way. You can see a scar on the tree where the mower hit it. They also mowed some of my daylily seed pods which I had been waiting to mature so I could pick them and plant them elsewhere.

I have maintained the right of way, keeping it clear, for years and I don’t appreciate their harsh, heavy handed, bushwhacking beater mower which destroys so much and leaves everything looking ragged. They claim they have the right to maintain the right of way but in the letter from the town this summer they said they would not mow the areas we took care of. This vine was also outside the right of way so they’re definitely going too far. This means I need to write the town and get this resolved. Or grow big rocks.

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Interesting Names: Larry Korn, editor of Sowing Seeds in the Desert

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7 Responses to Tarzan’s Lost Grape Vine

  1. Michael Gardner says:

    We had to grow some big rocks with our tractor to protect some disease resistant American Elm that we planted, we wanted a nice allie down the road. The town was not enthused

    • I wonder if a 6′ high stone wall all along the road would do the trick? It would be pretty…

      • David Lloyd Sutton says:

        Gee, Walter, you folks don’t have enough work to do?
        The county used to do something similar in front of my Santa Barbara place, but it was spraying Roundup. I planted their verge with persistent flowers, agapanthus and naked ladies, lovingly weeded and mulched, which gave them enough of a hint to stop spraying there, but then a bratty neighborhood kid became incensed after I complained about him running back and forth on our little dead end road with a horridly loud motorcycle. He took to running it through my flowers when I wasn’t home, particularly when I had just worked the bed over or watered it. That was when I resorted to big rocks. Put them among the tall-leaved flowers, and he had the gall to try to charge me for repairs to his bike when he wrecked it on them. Different tactics for different annoyances . . .

  2. PV says:

    Tarzan has a beautiful tree to swing from!

  3. Nance says:

    makes you wonder sometimes just what makes people tick. I don’t like those county “bush whacker” machines either. A fence row looks horrible after they run that chomper up and down the rural roads. I vote for the 6′ stone wall! faililng that, the big rocks under the tall weeds.

  4. Jim says:

    Or you can pound some metal posts in around that area. Makes an awful racket with the brush hog.

    If only we diverted the brush-hogging budget to education, our public school kids would be geniuses…

  5. Peter says:

    Frankly, I think it would be great if those guys can drive down here to where I live in Maryland and do this. We have a big problem around here with invasives growing up into the trees along some streets and highways (and the train tracks too in some areas, I take the commuter train to work every day), so maybe your people can teach my people a thing or two about effective brush-hogging. Honestly I hate wild grape and mile-a-minute weed and whatnot!

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