Microwave Myth

Soup Sans Fly

I went to microwave this lovely bowl of soup and just as I closed the door, with the timer already set, a fly flew in. “Oops,” I said with visions of the microwaved pet. A little over a minute later I opened the door to get the soup and the fly flew out. Apparently the fly had not heard the myth.

Happy Fall!

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Daily Spark: Michigan State University “cautions against eating too many vegetables. Vegetarians can eat up to 250mg of nitrates per day. This far exceeds the average of 75 to 100mg per day.”

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1 Response to Microwave Myth

  1. Snowballs says:

    Maybe it takes longer than a minute? I’ve microwaved a fly, but it took several minutes. He got in there with my dinner, and I’m always looking to eliminate a fly, so…. maybe flies are just really tough. If we have a holocaust, it will be the flies and the cockroaches that are left….LOL

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