There Be Dragons

Dragonfly On Site

We have been seeing lots of dragons flying over the construction site. I wonder if they like the uplifting currents found there on the many beautiful sunny days we’ve been having.

Last night we had a near frost. Crystals on some things but the pumpkins, sunflowers and tomatoes show no signs of damage although they were not covered.

Outdoors: 62°F/32°F Sunny, 3.5″ Rain Tuesday night
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/65°F

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4 Responses to There Be Dragons

  1. DrFood says:

    Walter, I just read about you in my new Mother Earth News magazine. You are in an article about mobile and on-site meat processing. I’m so glad you’re doing this, and now even more people are learning that it is possible.

    • Oh, I haven’t seen that article. Do you have a link to it? Which issue is it in?

      • DrFood says:

        October/November 2012. “Local Meat Processing: More Humane, Less Expensive Options” is the name of the article. Second paragraph:
        “A growing number of farmers are addressing these issues by taking slaughter into their own hands. One example is the Jeffries family of Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont, who decided to build their own hog slaughter facility after their former processor retired a few years ago. Because they’re building it themselves, and because the completed facility will be small (so small that it’s sometimes called “nano-butchering”), the Jeffries expect the total cost of the project to be much less than building a traditional meat processing facility–plus, it’s a great way to expand their business and reduce their processing costs. (Find their plans online at

        I don’t know if it is posted on their website yet.

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