Buffalo Mountain Coop

Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick, Vermont

Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick, VT has been carrying our pastured pork in their store and cafe for about the last year. They’re up at the north east corner of our weekly delivery route.

Meanwhile in other news:

Over 90% of species died off during 2012 due to mankind.

Tragic abuse of math but there you have it.

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Daily Spark: If life gives you enemies, make chicharrónes.

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8 Responses to Buffalo Mountain Coop

  1. Ralph says:

    Don’t worry next year they’ll do another survey and the species destroyed will mysteriously reappear.

  2. John says:

    This post immediately put two thoughts in my head (which is nearly a buffer overload for me these days).

    1. you’re breaking rules #1 and #2
    2. Holly in fight club, a possible alternate funding source?

  3. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Curious, Walter (if you’re serious) what school of martial arts does Holly hold rank in?

    • We did Tae Kwon Do for years but don’t currently practice. We got up to the black belt testing but the cost was too great for even one of us never mind all of us to take the tests. Then we switched gyms and went up through all the belts again. Repeaters. So technically we’re not quite black belt, but that is where I competed.

  4. Pablo says:

    You never expect the ones in dresses to be the fighters.

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