Chef Peter Ireland Kickstarting

Chef and restauranteur Peter Ireland, has bought pigs from our farm for his annual summer pig roast for almost 10 years. He is starting a restaurant, which will open at 50th and Bryant in Minneapolis this Fall.

Peter is launching a Kickstarter to raise the remaining funds and get the word out about the restaurant. Check out the video and tell your friends. They’ve already gotten over $15,000 towards their goal of $25,000. Lots of great rewards for pledging and supporting what is sure to be a great place to eat in Minneapolis!

“Hey Walter, I want to tell you how good the pig was this year. Every year people say this was the best year, and I am waiting for the shoe to drop but this was a good one for sure.”
-Peter Ireland, Minneapolis Restauranteur & Chef

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3 Responses to Chef Peter Ireland Kickstarting

  1. So nice of you to be supporting Chef Ireland! Really good restaurants with really good meat are rare but by serving your meat he’s got every chance to be very successful!

    • Peter buys roaster pigs each year for his annual friends and family barbecue back here in Vermont. We’re a bit too far away to fill his menu so for his new restaurant he’ll be getting them locally from Minnesota farmers. If you know of anyone farming in his region, pass his name and restaurant name on to them as he is looking for good local meat, veggies and fruit.

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