Night Shift

Butcher Shop Construction Site Lit for Night

In our press to get our on-farm butcher shop closed in before winter snows arrive Will and Ben setup lights so they can work out night. The nights are getting longer but the work days are no shorter. The summer is rushing by as we set forms for the next pour. Soon… Soon…

Outdoors: 78°F/53°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Evolve a little louder.

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  2. Mel says:

    I see you went back to the captcha type spam protection. Was the spam free plugin not working for you?

    • Aye, the Spam Free WordPress plugin which used to work great for me got updated which broke it. The author says it is a problem with my WordPress theme code but I’m using the standard default theme so I don’t think that is the issue. I’ve also tried disabling other plugins to see if there was a conflict but no go. It used to work with the same theme, plugins and WordPress version so I think that when he updated the features it broke it for some installs. A shame as it was a great tool. Spammers had apparently found ways around it – I was getting more and more spam that got through it. Then the author updated it and the plugin broke for my blog. Hopefully he’ll be able to fix it. Until then I’ve reverted to a Captcha. If anyone is having trouble with the Captcha or leaving comments then please email me.

  3. SharonZee says:

    Test test test….can ya hear me…thwack on the microphone…1 2 3 4 harrumph squeal

  4. Tammy says:

    Your whole family is amazingly talented and hard working. I love following the progress of your projects. Kudos to you and everyone at Sugar Mountain!

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