Katya Clarity

Katya Being Very Clear

The dog’s like to take care of the livestock. It is their job and they do it very well. They live for for their work. Be it herding or guarding against predators as well as eating pests. The last two over lap a bit since the dogs eat predators too.

In the photo above Katya is telling Sirus “No Touch!” She wants him to leave the piglet alone because she is taking care of it, she is guarding it, she got the job, it’s her turn and doesn’t want to share. While Sirus likes to take care of the piglets too he backed off as it just wasn’t worth risking those teeth. He can guard from a distance.

This piglet was weak. I had found it dehydrated while out walking in the field so I brought it back to our cottage for a little hospice care. If we can pull it through then it will be able to return to the field with the other pigs. Sometimes a little tender loving care makes the difference.

The pig’s days are numbered and it is marked. It will never become a breeder. Once a piglet needs extra help that fact knocks it out of the top 5% selected for test breeding. On the one hand that might seem harsh but there needs to be some selection criteria. Mother Nature was culling the pig. For some reason it wasn’t thriving. With hospice it may pull through and then be able to live to adulthood as a finisher pig for the market. That is reality. A little nicer than Mother Nature but not too warm and fuzzy.

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Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark:
Wolves evolve voles.
Oblivious lives lived loudly.
Love evolves wolves voles.
Evolving voles love wolves.
Vole love long languid lives.
Swiftly churning polymers.

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5 Responses to Katya Clarity

  1. Martin Goodman says:

    See’s cute! Love her don’t mess with me face!!

  2. MK says:

    I love how your pigs take care of the animals so passionately yet these are also their food. It sort of is like an answer to all those people who say but how can you eat something you have cared for and nurtured????? Well it is totally natural to do that. Katya (what a lovely name!) provides the retort so well!

  3. Selma says:

    Ooooo shes a cutie! Love that face! Katya the fierce!

    One of the things I love about your farm and your blog is how your telling it like it is shooting straight from the hip with none of that pc stuff. Your honest.

  4. Vikki says:

    Do you have a post where you go into more detail regarding “test breeding”?

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