More Lilies 2012

Peach Daylilies

We’ve been having a wonderful flower year. The fields are full of gorgeous wild flowers, lots of interesting sunflowers, the sunchokes are about to bloom and the daylilies and tiger lilies have been spectacular. The other day I showed some recent blooms and then again before that at our mailbox. These are all crosses, hybrids, of the ones from last year

Close Up

Spectacular Red and White Lily

Side view


This yellow lily is a new one I added this year. One of the fun things about these plants is figuring out the genetics of the crosses. This will take a few years. Here’s a buddy and I working on crossing. Sex with plants.

Another Visitor

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Daily Spark: If you never try you’ll never fail. Bravo for you. Those who explore and push the boundaries do have failures, learn (if we live) and try again. Failure is the norm. Success is the wonderful exception.

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3 Responses to More Lilies 2012

  1. Janna says:

    Those are such beautiful blossoms and you caught them so well with your camera. I always thought of day lilies as being the orange ones that I see in big clumps and I didnt realize there were so many varieties.

  2. MorrisE says:

    Those are spectacular flower photos. You should do calendars!

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