Tiger Lilies

Orange Tiger Lily

I always knew the tall center stalked lilies as being a Tiger Lily and the base grown flat leaved ones as Day Lilies. Apparently it is more complex that that. These are also very different than my Lady Lili.

White Lily

Last year I got some new ones at Killdeer farm stand in Norwich, Vermont. They were on sale this week and I picked up another set to join the ones that did so well from before. Interestingly, the ones I already have growing are now in many more colors than I started with. I think that is a sign that some of the ones that came up new this spring are hybrids with recessive gene colors showing.

Outdoors: 82°F/66°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 77°F/68°F

Daily Spark: An electric chair is a “Last Time Machine”.

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5 Responses to Tiger Lilies

  1. Michael says:

    Lovely summer flowers!

    A propos: How are you coping with that monster summer you seem to be having?
    (If Greg Judy’s farm is struggling, you know how hard it must be for everyone else.)

    • We’ve been having a wonderful year. It was a warm gentle winter with enough snow but not the usual bitter cold we experience, an early spring and we’ve had enough water unlike a lot of areas out west. I think this has to do in part with our altitude and latitude as well as the way the mountains dump the rains here. Our winters area mixed blessing which seems to keep away drought in part due to the snow pack melting. All this sunny weather has been really good for getting construction done – a blessing given our main focus this year of closing in the butcher shop.

  2. Sally Sievers says:

    You must not suffer an overpopulation of deer there, or your lilies (like around the mailbox) would be deer food just as they were about to bloom. Here in suburban upstate NY we’re basically limited to poisonous plants, or heavy high fencing. Or do the guard dogs keep the deer away from the flowers, as well as protecting the livestock?

    • We have a lot of deer, I see their tracks and occasionally them, but they stay outside of our pastures because the dogs have been told the deer are to be kept out since they’ll otherwise eat our fruit trees and gardens. The dogs are quite good about being selective on which wildlife to ignore and which to keep back at the boundaries. I wouldn’t want to farm or homestead without their help. According to their lorists they feel similarly. Together we make a great team.

  3. Your lilies are beautiful whatever the species. Mine have bloomed and died off for the summer.

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